Friday, May 13, 2011

My front door

Hello friends. This week I started out by reorganizing my closets and cupboards in the bedrooms. What prompted this task,you ask. I need more space for my paper crafting stuff (of course). This project may take a while because as you know, (for me) the finished job has to be perfect or at least better than before. Right now (and you are my witnesses) I vow not to be doing this again. Ever.
This past Monday morning, I opened my front doors for some fresh air and was greeted by my front yard in full bloom. I had to take pictures and thought of you. So I will share what my heavenly Father had in store for me on this Monday morning. We are looking at the Garden Green Hydrangeas that are almost taller than I. On the other side of the Hydrangeas is a Camillia that will have Whisper White flowers someday. There is a Basil plant beside it. I just planted it last week. Further down is my one of my Pretty in Pink Azaleas. Let's go to the next photo.

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