Monday, June 13, 2011

Week End Questions

Good morning friends, My questions today are .... how was your week end? Did you do any stamping? Did you hangout with people you love? Did you attend your place of worship? Did you celebrate a special occasion? Did you spend a day in the sun? Did you laugh until your face hurt?

My answers to all those questions are ..... Yes, I did all of the above. I had two wonderful stamp classes. I love spending time with my friends doing what we love. That would be stamping! I went to my nephew's graduation party. The party was also his birthday party. I had a great time catching up with relatives I don't get to see often. Sunday after church my BFF and I had a fabulous day in the sun at our local fairgrounds. The event there was a fundraiser for all our local charities. This is an event that started out a few years ago at a local car dealership and has progressively grown to now being held at the fairgrounds. We saw the beautiful cars of yesteryear which have been restored to look better than ever. Then there was the Bike show. Harleys in every color, size and shape. We got there in time to see the Dirt Track Motorsports - loud cars racing around and driving crazy. We missed the entertainment because we were too busy looking at cars and bikes. There was no flower show, no craft show, and no quilters nor table settings. Oh well, that's right around the corner at our AV Fair in August. Ending my Sunday evening, I was on the phone with another best friend and we had the funniest things to say. We laughed and laughed until our faces hurt. So you see my week end was a blast! For sure!!!

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