Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lil' Girl

Good morning friends. How are you and how was your week end? I had a fun week end again. A friend, Donna and I went to the Poppy Festival on Saturday. The day was hot but comfortable. Probably 90 degrees. The food aromas were everywhere. Lots of people too. Everyone seemed so happy to be outdoors after such a long, unusual winter. We enjoyed delicious Pastrami sandwiches and ice cold tea for lunch. We listened to a wonderful band playing lots of Bobby Darrin music, including good old rock and roll. Lots of great dancers around this valley!! I purchased Welsh cakes (similar to scones) which I had Sunday morning with coffee and had to go for seconds (coffee too). Yummo! We spent a lot of time in the arts and crafts section. Unbelievable stuff. People are so creative. Now I want to be a basket weaver, a jewelery maker, a wood carver, and would love to repurpose anything and everything. We were having dinner around 6:PM enjoying ourselves with stories about school. Nearby, a lady was laughing and looking at us. She could hear us. Oh my!!! We invited her to join us - she is also a teacher. after introducing ourselves to each other we continued visiting for THREE HOURS. The three of us plan on meeting again later this week. Yea!!! A new friend. What a day!! A fun day!!

Sunday was church in the morning. In the afternoon I attended a concert at my friend Mako's church. It was beautiful. The choir sang beautifully. The bell choir was outstanding and the organist was more than outstanding. I did not want the concert to end. Of course a reception with refreshments followed afterwards. At my church we call it Calvary Calories. It's an in joke. The name of my church is Calvary Chapel. Get it? Thank you for letting me share my week end with you.

I'm not leaving just yet. I want to share about my card. This is the card I made at a scrapbook store not far from here. I did make some changes to include something Stampin' Up. The butterflies. The teacher at the class had pennants going across the circle. I thought Beautiful Butterflies were more springy and went better with the lil' girl's hat and dress. This was my first time with Copics. The gray color hardly even shows in this photo. Maybe I just need more practice with the Copics. I don't own any so I guess I won't practice. It's been fun sharing with you. Come back tomorrow. I really do like and appreciate your comments. God bless you.

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