Monday, December 20, 2010

Panguin Punch Art

Happy Monday morning friends. How do you like my penguin punch art? I had fun creating them. My first card is on the left. Besides the punch art on the penguin, I also did some paper tearing for the snow. I smudged the snow with a touch of gray ink just because, lol. I used the snowflake punch and a white gel pen for more snow in the sky.
For my next card, I wanted to create two penguins as I thought one would be lonely. I glittered the snow and placed snowballs at the feet of the penguins. Just imagine them kicking snowballs at each other. I used the retired trio flower punch to make the snowballs. Why flowers? I wanted something different and cute. Lol. As for the drippy snow in the sky, that was not planned. Let's say the day was warming up. Yes, I'm feeling silly. Do you ever get silly? By the way, I do appreciate comments. Thank you for visiting and come back again. God bless.


  1. Totally too cute. I love penguins anyway, and these little guys are adorable. Love the cards!

  2. Cute punchy penguins.