Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Get Well Cards

Welcome friends, How are you? Did you have a fun week end? I did. I had four wonderful, fun days with my son and the family. My grand daughter turned six! I volunteered in her class on Friday. Oh my, was that ever fun! I admire her teacher so much. Only (huh?) 24 students. The students have made huge progress from the last time I was there ( and I thought they were doing so well already back then). Academia has changed so much since I retired and I've only been out of the classroom five years. My DIL parents had a dinner party for my DGD. Her aunts, uncles and cousins were there to help celebrate. The weather was so nice we sat outside and enjoyed watching the children go through their antics. They get along so well and truly enjoy each other. We continued to celebrate Saturday with lunch at Red Robin and a movie. We watched HOP. Not biblical but it was for the kids. I always "gift" books. One of the books was on Christ's resurrection. My grand daughter is very smart (I really mean it too). So she knows it was just a movie (etc) and the story in the book is the true story of Easter. She also knows it is really Resurrection Sunday not Easter.

On the way home I stopped by to visit my step mom. She is doing so well for being only eighty eight years old. I had a chance to also visit with my half sister. I really do not like saying step nor half. It just does not sound right. Anyway, we had a great time catching up. My step mom loved here set of note cards and we each enjoyed our visit together.

Thank you for visiting with me and listening/reading about my family. I know your real purpose is to see my cards. At least that's what I think. (smile). Remember the 3X3 cards I made about a week ago? I have remade (repurposed?) them by cutting the fronts off and adhering them to a 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 card. What do you think? I'm not so sure about the color combos I chose. One card is on Basic Gray and the other is on So Saffron. Well, they are already in the mail so I can't make any changes now. I hope you are able to stop by again tomorrow. Gracias por sus visita y nos vemos manana. Que Dios los bendiga. We will talk tomorrow.

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  1. Gloria,

    Pretty get well cards. I love the embossed backgrounds.